Monday, January 29, 2007

Pillowcases and a Pink Polo

I've been a bit sewing crazy over the last week. A couple of "reconstructions" and some stuff from scratch.

Some old pillowcases my Grandma gave me...

into a skirt for little miss:

There's another skirt too, but it got taken off before I got a photo.... will be here eventually!

This pink polo was a pain- sleeves were too big (bought it at one of my "bigger" times), and the interfacing on the collar and v at the front kept coming out... so i hacked it up, along with an old "pregnancy-stretched" supre boob-tube. I dont' really like the end result (on the left) because it makes me look short and wide, but I like the top itself and what I did to it :)

Also turned a disaster dress sewing effort from last year into a funky skirt, made a matching top and some v cool purple culottes - but no pics yet.

1 comment:

Liz said...

The top looks cool...

WRT how it makes you look, a v neck does look more slimming... maybe next time you could try the same sort of effect, but with a v-neck? But seriously, it looks great and I wish I had a working sewing machine and sewing skills as good!